The Orbitarium is an original and highly interactive exhibition opened in summer 2005, a new idea for the popularization of the outer space. It is located on the ground floor in the building of the Planetarium. The idea is based on a mission of the Cassini spacecraft, which examined Saturn, its satellites and sent a probe named Huygens on the biggest moon Titan. Today, we know that the mission was a success and we all could admire the landscapes from this secret and not very pleasant world.

In the Orbitarium there is an impressive model of the Cassini spacecraft. Using desktops arranged around the spacecraft, it is possible to control its devices and also to check what they are constructed for. You can find out where a fuel tank is put and personally start the engines. On the screens it is possible to watch computer animation about different cosmic missions and the planets of the Solar System.

In the Orbitarium there is also a set of interactive devices and models that present phenomena observed in the Universe. Check whether it is a truth that the signal sent from space comes to us late, how much a man would weigh while living on the Moon or Saturn and why does Jupiter have a stormy atmosphere?

Thanks to interactive devices you will find the answer to a lot of questions and simple descriptions will explain to you the phenomena presented in the Orbitarium. A visit to the Orbitarium is an excellent idea for the entire family and school groups.

The visit in the Orbitarium lasts up to 40 minutes.